Rules for foreigners in English

1. The admin’s word is the law
2. Advertising is forbidden (This consists of mentioning another Minecraft server’s IP and invitins players to another server)
3. Circling bans via an alt account is forbidden (This will lead to a permanent ban for the account you are using to circle the ban)
4. Killing in survival is forbidden
5. Stealing a dead player’s gear is forbidden
6. Traps, falls etc. are forbidden
7. Griefing and stealing is forbidden
8. Begging from an admin is forbidden
9. Cheating clients/Xray packs are forbidden
10. Use common sense
11. Build rationals buildings
12. No 1×1 towers or floating buildings (You may need to build a 1×1 tower for instance in order to claim your area but tear them down as soon as possible. Floating buildings are allowed when the building in question is a plane, hot-air balloon or an other flying object)
13. Always claim your buildings/chests/furnaces (The admins won’t be coming the destruction done to your area by others over and over again when you simply refuse to claim your area)
14. Claiming other players’ areas is forbidden (Allowed if the area’s owner so insists)
15. Build at least 50 blocks from other players’ houses
16. If you tear down your house, do it entirely (Let’s keep the world tidy
17. Behave appropriately in the chat (Take a look at section 10
18. No usage of CapsLock, no chat nor command spam
19. If you have any problems or anything to ask, write on forums at or send a message at tuki(@)



How and where i can Vote ”for diamonds and XP??”

  • We have two sites, where you can vote server. Example, if you vote in one site – you get two diamonds and 10lvl Xp. = If you vote in two sites, you get that x2




How i can protect my area or chest (furnace, doors etc) ?

  • We use worldedit (//wand) and WorldGuard to protect areas. You can too lock that way chest. But you need protect your Furnaces and doors with Lockette. Place sign to furnace, or door and write
  1. [Private]
  2. Your_Username
  3. <Your_Friend
  4. Your_Friend
  • ↑ ”Sign” 

How i can Protect my area?

► //wand
► /rg claim claim_name
► /rg addmember claim_name   your_friend_name
► /rg removemember claim_name   your_friend_name
► /rg list

How to delete region or protect?

► /rg remove claim_name

How to add friend(s) to my chests or furnaces etc?

► /lockette line_number  your_friend_name


Some server commands

  1. /spawn – You can teleport to spawn
  2. /rtp – You can random teleport to Survival world
  3. /sethome name – You can set your home, with name
  4. /delhome name – You can delete your home
  5. /server survival – You can join the Survival server
  6. /server creative – You can join the Creative server
  7. /server minigame – You can join the Minigame server
  8. /ticket – You can create ”help ticket”
  9. /kit aloitus – You can get starter kit in Survival server
  10. /tpa, /tpahere, /tpaccept – Teleport requests, Teleport accept
  11. /warp kauppa – You can warp to Survival server store. Kauppa = Store, kauppa is finnish language.

How i can get own plot in Creative server?

/plotme auto

Some plot help : /plotme help